[Sdcsb-l] qBio seminar- Dr. Adam Deutschbauer- Monday, May 23, 2016

Brandi Powell-Espiritu bpespiri@ucsd.edu
Mon May 16 21:28:54 PDT 2016

Monday, May 23, 3PM

Dr. Adam Deutschbauer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1205 Natural Science Building (NSB)

Title: The phenotypic landscape of bacteria

Abstract: Current gene function annotation pipelines fail to identify a
role for 40% genes in the typical bacterial genome. To explore the
functions of these uncharacterized genes, we generated genome-wide
transposon mutant populations from 25 bacteria across four bacterial
classes. Growth of mutant populations across ~4,000 experiments, followed
by random barcode transposon sequencing (RB-TnSeq), enabled over 13
million individual measurements of gene fitness, and revealed significant
phenotypes for 7,375 previously uncharacterized genes. Among these genes,
4,690 had phenotypes under a specific experimental condition, or shared
phenotypic patterns with a gene of known function, thus enabling specific
predictions of gene function. Finally, since 11% of hypothetical genes
across all sequenced genomes have at least one ortholog with a phenotype
in our dataset, we demonstrate the ability of high-throughput genetics to
identify roles for many of the uncharacterized proteins in bacterial

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